Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 10: Something I Made

Ok, so this one sucks! Not the picture so much as the concept. You are lucky that I didn't put a picture of my kids up and say "yep, i made them". I can sometimes be crafty and I love to bake, I just haven't had the time. I did, however, grow this rose bush from a seed, so I guess I "made" it, grew it... same difference.


Alicia said...

I was SO gonna put a picture up of my kid:)

I LOVE that you grew the rosebush from a seed. I can't even seem to grow them from a branch-vine-thing. Yes, that IS the technical term. I finally got a rose hedge to bloom, but it does not look like a hedge. It looks like the smallest rose plant in existence. Hopefully next year it will come in fuller.

Rock on with your green thumb.

leaner said...

I did put up a picture of my baby.
I didn't know you COULD grow a rose from seed. I am so impressed!
My rose bushes look like... shit. Yes. The sun here is so hot it fries them all summer. Bleh.

Jenni said...

I'm impressed, my rose bush was here when we moved in and I like to take credit for it. Beautiful roses :)

jae said...

I love the feeling of growing something from seed and watching it thrive. Great job!

Kate said...

i didn't know they could grow from a seed either. very impressive.