Tuesday, October 21, 2008

$150 Paper Weight

Many of you know that my husband plays Worlds of Warcraft, he took his devotion to a whole new level when he had his character immortalized with this paper weight. Now you all can meet Dkati, the little gnome girl who steals all my husbands free time. Yep, this little gem cost $150!

I know the shot isn't that good, but trust me, it is impossible to get a good shot of something in a glass dome when the lighting isn't perfect.


Alicia said...

You're a better wife than me; I'd never let Harry spend that kind of dough. Yep, I'm a stingy meanie.

Annita said...

WoW!!! ;-)

leaner said...

Sigh- another WOW Widow, I see. My hubby isn't in love with any one of his characters, he plays like 4 different ones depending on his mood.

I like this, totally something my bro and his wife need. (They play together, its cute, but sickening at the same time.)

jae said...

I love your tag... LOL that's awesome. Your husband, on the other hand, might need some time away from WoW.